2017 Mom Life

Holiday Gift Guide

2017 Mom Life Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you are looking for gift ideas to make mom life easier or something special to treat yourself or something different and neat for your babes

This gift guide was made for you!

MLC is all about love and support for entrepreneur moms so this gift guide is comprised of mom centered products from mom owned businesses. So just know that when you purchase anything in this list, you too are supporting your fellow moms to support their families!

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Baby Gifts

When you’re a mom and an entrepreneur, your little ones are often there beside you, “helping.” That’s why your babies need a “Mama’s Intern” onesie, so that they can feel even more like a team member!

We are a mom and little nugget team designing children and baby clothing and accessories. We look to spark little imaginations and encourage creative play through our designs. Our modern appliqué style makes for unique gifts and special keepsakes for years to come. We are more than just clothes, we’re memories!

You and your little one will definitely have some fun in this black shark organic baby sleep sack from BE love kids. The sleeveless baby sleep sack is constructed using 100% organic cotton and has a hand silkscreened shark print going down the front. The organic baby sleep sake makes bedtime and nap time super fun!

Comfortable and versatile, the organic baby sleep sack features an easy tie at the bottom for quick diaper changes in the middle of the night. The baby sleep sack is not only playful but it will also keep your baby warm and give a feeling of security to make for a better nights sleep!

Cozy warm ponchos that make great gifts for anyone newborn to adult. They are great safe alternatives for coats in car seats as they don’t interfere with the seat belts. Parents and grandparents love to wear them to all those outdoor events the kids are participating in.

Pick your size, style, color and theme so your poncho is personalized to you or your child.

Children’s Gifts

The Splash Baby is a bathtub splash guard that keeps the water, bubbles, and toys in the bathtub where they belong.

There’s no bath aftermath with The Splash Baby, which means NO more slipping on water puddles, NO ruining floors, and NO cleaning up extra bath towels!

The Splash Baby is your exclusive solution that makes bath time more enjoyable for the entire family!

One-size-fits-all and perfect for ANY parent on your gift list – even pet parents too! 😉

Set of Bath Soap Crayons in red, orange, blue and green.

These are hand poured from high-quality Goats Milk Soap. Colorants are food and skin safe.

Make bath time fun again! These are sure to make any little one smile and sure to make you happy at this budget friendly price.

Subscriptions & Memberships

A  membership to the Intentional Book Club is a thoughtful gift for your family: encourage your children to LOVE reading, crush reading goals as a family to earn badges and accomplishments, challenge each other to do MORE with your books and cultivate your family’s interests and values – with a tribe of other families who are doing the same thing.

If you’re looking for non-toy gifts that add so much value to your family and bring you closer together and more connected as while, using children’s books as the catalyst, this is where you are meant to be.

A healthy self-care subscription box for moms who want to thrive. It’s jam-packed with 5-7 wellness goodies, delivered straight to your doorstep, no errands required!

Each month, you’ll be surprised with unique + empowering products, such as: 

  • Healthy, gluten-free and/or Whole 30-approved snacks;
  • Hormone-balancing foods, supplements, and teas;
  • A delicious and energizing treat; (think dark chocolate!)
  • Inspiring books, journals and jewelry;
  • Handmade bath and body essentials;
  • Wellness gadgets relevant to health and motherhood.

Long day? Of course it was! You’re a mom and a working mom. “Taking a break” is an action we are not familiar with. Indulge yourself with Gourmet chocolate, your choice of bubbly (cider or champagne), a relaxing candle and luxury bubble bath.

This box is just for you. Run a hot bath, kick back and soak in some indulgence. The indulgent gift box is curated to optimize relaxation and lavishness.

Gifts For Moms

Hello! You hard working, yoga pants wearing Mama!! I see you in your granny panties pulling down your shirt- Again.. I’m not one to point things out but yes you can totally tell. I can fix that though! Being a Domestic Engineer is hard AF and I want to make sure the last thing you are checking is your tee shirt.

At Hudson Lillian Designs we pride ourselves on being a brand that creates conversation starting tees and totes that can carry all life’s necessary and  ahem KIDS unnecessary items. Grab one of out tees; I promise you won’t regret it. Use code:

MOMLIFECO for a sweet thanks for getting this far.

One of the biggest frustrations expecting women face is the inability to zip your coat.  We have created the perfect solution to this problem. Extendher is a clip on jacket extension panel that expands any of your OWN jackets, making them larger.

It is one product offering two modes of function, ideal during pregnancy and later while Babywearing.  It is ready to wear and easy to share, perfect for moms, dads, grandparents, and babysitters!

Rose gold goodness for your office makeovers. Includes tech, decor, and paper goods.

Redecorate your home office or living space this holiday season with these elegant and timeless pieces!

Use promo code MOMLIFE15 for a 15% off at checkout!

Sonoma Artisan is a handcrafted glassware collection designed to help celebrate the everyday. Each piece is  handcrafted and features an organic pattern filled with beautifully colored accents to create fresh, modern appeal.

Sonoma Artisan’s long stem wine glasses feature a widened bowl and generous glass capacity to allow wine to breathe and aromas and flavors to emerge. A tapered top encourages swirling and collection of the wine’s bouquet.

The set includes two 27.5 oz. glasses that pair beautifully with any occasion, be it a formal dinner party, casual get together, entertaining or romantic night in. You’ll quickly find them to be your versatile go-to glasses for serving wine in style. Also available in a stemless version.

Get this super cute decor for your wall: print it, & frame it yourself!

Printable High Resolution PDF Size: 8″x10″

The files will be available for download immediately after payment is confirmed. Just purchase and print. Please note: You have to choose whether you want just the digital file or a printed version.

These are files for PERSONAL use only. Image cannot be used to resell as a digital download. Printable downloads are non-refundable. Colors on monitors may vary.

When purchasing, make sure to include any custom info such as est date and your family name.

Southwestern Michigan Buttery is a small family owned business producing a taste of pure Michigan in the form of gourmet low sugar diabetic friendly fruit butters.

We make Apple, Peach, Plum, Rhubarb, Blueberry, Apple-Cranberry and Apple-Cherry Butters in our 100% solar powered USDA, FDA and Kosher certified commercial kitchen.

Tired of throwing away spoiled produce week and week? Tired of wasting money? Ripening produce emits ethylene gas. Excess
moisture creates mold and mildew. This creates a recipe for disaster and leads to waste. Crisper Carpet can break this cycle of waste. Crisper Carpet regulates moisture in your crisper drawers and neutralizes ethylene gas. Eliminating the cause of spoilage allows you to keep produce fresh longer and in turn save money on produce bills.

Place a carpet in each of your refrigerator crisper drawers and place produce on top, separating fruit from vegetables whenever possible.  Bagging or sealing of produce is NOT recommended. Visit our website for more storage tips when using Crisper Carpet Replace every 6 months. Recyclable. No Chemicals. Made in the USA

At Sincerely Different, our mission is to delight folks and to promote natural health with products that are Sincerely Different – no chemicals, no junk, and more heart. Using only the best ingredients, each product is handcrafted by our small team in Granger, Indiana. All of our products are vegetarian and all natural with many organic ingredients (there are a handful of unique essential oils we use that we haven’t been able to source organically yet) and of course GMO free. The only ingredient that does not make our products entirely vegan is that we do use beeswax (but only from happy bees of course).

Kukaluka Designs sells hand painted rocks and canvases, instant downloadable art for last minute gifts, framed prints, and we design for a zazzle shop full of gorgeous customizable items. I especially love designing art for dancers!

Books For Mom

Understanding Morning Sickness as a Gift, is a #1 NEW RELEASE and an ESSENTIAL HEALING GUIDE for all MOMS that chronicles my journey through severe morning sickness and is packed with simple, quick yet powerful DIY healing techniques for ANYONE to do at home. “This is a useful book for all women! In this engaging and personal story, the consistent theme that your emotional state manifests itself in your physical body can convince even those who have never suffered through HG that perfectionism, negative thoughts and unhealthy patterns of behavior may be affecting your quality of life right now.”

Understanding Your Child as a Spiritual Gift, introduces a groundbreaking parenting theory about how children express their parent’s unexpressed feelings. With this new outlook and easy-to-use tools, moms learn how to help themselves and their family become more authentic and creative, lessening their children’s tantrums and challenging behaviors while creating a less chaotic environment for the whole family.

Planner & Journal For Mom

Are you ready to go from chaos to balanced?

Going about your daily life as a mom can feel like you’ve climbed a mountain by the time you fall into bed at night. Especially if you’re home and life are a chaotic, disorganized mess.

The Balanced Home and The Balanced Life Planner will help you ditch the chaos, organize your life and home. Stop forgetting those important to-dos and start spending more quality time with your family instead of looking for your lost sticky notes. 

In just 5-10 minutes per day you can discover your emotional eating triggers and your unique secret to easily overcoming them. This guided journal is designed to go beyond counting calories to allow your intuition to be your guide. You can lose weight easily, achieve your ideal weight, and eat your favorite foods without starving yourself.
If you struggle with overeating, if you find yourself craving food, if you are in binge eating recovery, if you feel you have a food addiction, then this weight loss detox is just what you need! Get in touch with the reasons behind the struggle, so your guilt around what you eat melts away.

This weight loss inspiration journal will explore your mind over eating, because you won’t be focusing on the weight loss detox until after you’ve done the emotional detox. If you are ready to experience freedom from emotional eating AND freedom from dieting, this self-help workbook is just the thing you need.
By turning your focus to your heart, and letting go of counting (carbs, protein, fat, points), you can lose weight eating all the delicious foods you love with no guilt. Through this simple approach, you will create a foundation for a lifetime of joyous eating, with no restrictions and never starving yourself, so you truly Love Every Bite!

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