The latest statistics show that 92% of working moms and 89% of stay at home moms are overwhelmed with their personal, family, and home responsibilities. As modern moms, we spend three times more quality time with our kids than moms did in the 60’s.  We are constantly battling time-starvation in a world that is going faster every day with more felt expectations than ever before. Between driving kids to activities, answering work emails at home to catch up for the next day, and the endless To-Do lists that keep creeping onto tomorrow’s lists, what I hear most from moms is that they are overwhelmed and exhausted.

Part of the problem is that we are too busy to slow down and take a good look at what we are doing and why. Instead, we run around putting out fires and the rest of the time, try to keep our heads above water.

Here’s a simple three step process to get out of the cycle of overwhelm and into a calmer, more conscious headspace.

Decide What Your Priorities Are

When we aren’t clear on what’s truly important to us, everything feels urgent and important. This is where we spend a lot of time putting out fires instead of owning our time. Take some time to evaluate what is important to you, what you value, and your priorities. Then ask yourself, where are you spending your time? In the important zone, or with everything else? Be clear on your values.
Values are these magical things that help us feel aligned with our purpose and make our lives rich and meaningful. When you know your values, they become your North Star guiding you to a life that feels in flow and simpler. When you’re not living true to your values, life feels hard, unfulfilled, and empty. Take some time to discover your values, then ask yourself, are you living aligned with your values? Where are you not? What might be some great ways to recalibrate? Prioritize

We’ve all heard it: we can have it all, but not at the same time. All of us have a finite amount of time, energy, and focus and the best way keep ourselves out of overwhelm and feeling good about how we’re spending our time is to prioritize.

Organize Your Priorities

Now that you’ve decided on what’s important, and are clear on your values, ask yourself:

What are your top three priorities in order of importance? 

Break Your Priorities Down into Tasks

Once that’s clear, what do those priorities look like as specific tasks?  If your marriage is number one, is it scheduling a weekly date night, creating common goals together, or taking a class for fun? If it’s family, is it making sure you are the one picking up your kids, eating supper as a family, having a fun activity together? When you know what’s important, it’s easier to ignore what’s not.

When we are unclear on our priorities or they are competing, it’s easy to become overwhelmed because we can only do so much. Clarity on your priorities reduces overwhelm by sorting through the clutter so that you even have enough time to finish your Starbucks while it’s still hot!

Tina Hnatiuk is a renowned yoga and meditation teacher and Leadership Coach who helps women lower stress and anxiety without hours of meditation, therapy, or pills, in under 20 minutes a day. Through her down to earth coaching style, saucy live speaking, and live online courses, she offers simple and practical tools to empower and inspire women to be the women they most want to be. She has been featured in Insight Timer, Huffington Post, Pink Magazine, and Thrive Global. Her adoring fans and clients have claimed she has a “glowing energy that is contagious,” and one woman called her “precious gem with the gifted ability to empower others.” And when she’s not coaching or teaching online classes, you can find this mamma walking her chocolate lab, teaching yoga classes, and occasionally binge-watching Chelsea Handler.

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