Oh, moms! Summer is HERE. Whether your kids are going to mommy camp or day camp, you’ll likely find yourself with plenty of hours to fill. Let’s be real– the “summer reading challenge” at the library is only going to take you so far. Letting them watch endless TV is extremely tempting but you know, in your heart of hearts, you need to get them off the couch, especially if you want them to go to bed before the sun goes down! (Summer survival tip numero uno: wear ’em out!)

Here’s Mom Life Collective’s round-up of summer activities to fill your kid’s cup and have fun with your kids this summer.

3 Exciting Ice Cube Activities

Who doesn’t have ice cubes handy? This activity from Red Crayon Imagination requires minimal effort and incorporates early childhood concepts as they play. As the weather warms up, moms everywhere are looking for fun activities to keep their kids cool. This minimally messy activity is perfect for indoor or outdoor play for children ages 12 months through 5th grade. It requires almost no prep work making it easy and fun for the whole family!

9 of the Best Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Some of you have been a verrrrry rainy spring, which may not bode well for the summer days ahead.  Be prepared for those rainy days with 9 of the Best Rainy Day Activities for Kids, from The Professional Mom Project.

Free Summer Activities for Kids

Keeping the kids entertained during summer vacation can easily add up (daily ice cream cones, I’m looking at you) but there’s plenty to do that is free. Hodgepodge Moments’  list of free summer activities to do with your kids will help you hit your summer bucket list without busting your budget.

The Advantage of Adventures Outdoors with your Children

You might be outside a lot during the summer but how much are you actually exploring the great outdoors? Enjoy summer at its’ finest by escaping to the woods. A hike is so much more than a hike, as Adventures of Abby Girl demonstrates in this post.

Homemade Bouncing Bubbles

Personally, I think the best way to avoid the summer slide is to have fun with science. Bonus points if it includes items that you probably already have in your house! This bubble recipe from A Little Pinch of Perfect uses only three ingredients, and no glycerin or corn syrup.

DIY Solar Oven

You don’t have to go camping to get your fill of s’mores. Kick up the fun a notch with a STEM twist on the gooey treat by cooking the s’mores in a solar oven. Kiwi Co. Corner tells you how to do it.

Encourage Independent Play

In my research for this post, I legit googled “How to Get Kids To Leave You Alone During Summer Vacation.” In all seriousness, though, we need some downtime and we can’t always resort to plopping kids in front of the TV or you know…just ignoring them!  If you’ve got a toddler, check out these ideas from Lazy Mom’s Blog.  If your kiddos are a bit older, these Quiet Time boxes from Teaching Mama are genius.

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