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There was a time when I wanted to get done a million things and needed to get done a million things.

There was a time when I couldn’t focus on what I needed to focus on.
There was a time when I needed to REALLY focus on the things that needed to get done.
My to-do lists were bigger than my laundry pile, seriously.
There were must-dos and do-laters.
At the end of the day though I couldn’t get any of it done!
Right? Does this sound familiar?

I knew I needed to change my mindset and become more productive.  Here’s what I’ve learned to do along the way that saved my sanity and my business.

Decluttering digitally

I can’t tell you how good this feels! Get rid of those apps you don’t use. Get rid of those emails you delete anyway. Get rid of all that. Get your apps organized. Get rid of notifications. The minute I stopped getting Facebook notifications on my phone was the moment I realized, there is more to life and I can get more done! There is a time and a place when I can go on Facebook and if it wasn’t on my phone,  I didnt need it.

Must-do lists

Start everyday with your must-do list.  This is your business list.  Find the 5 things that you need to get done and focus on those things.

Goals for the week

Make a list of things to do for the week, then for the day. This can help you stay focused and break down each task by day. When do you have time to get XYZ done? If one takes the longer than the others, when do you have the most time? Put it in the calendar for that day!

Time management

So this goes along with a time schedule. You need to make sure that you manage your time. Use a project management account such as Trello to manage your tasks and where you’re at with each project. I am a visual learner, so  I need to see all the tasks that need to do and manage them more efficiently with this.

Digital calendar

Block time off for meetings, family time, and other personal tasks.  Set notifications to alert you to these events. You will find that you will be much more productive if you do work in between those blocked-off times.

Work schedule

We are humans, we have families or lives. We need to make sure that we allow time for cooking dinner, showers, life, and kids. It doesn’t matter if you want this or not, but you will have to make sure it happens. I stop my work from 5-8 PM and spend it doing the mom and wife duties. Then after my son goes to sleep,  I do some work for about an hour.

Personal time

As much as I love working,  I did realize that I need personal time. In my  time away from work and my family, I either go to the gym, take a bath, or go get a massage. It all just really depends on what I want to do, but I do this at least once a week.

Focus on what is making you money and where you want to go. Focus on your personal life and how it affects you. You will find that you are more proactive this way!

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