Can Your Job Be Part Of Your Self-Care Routine?

Can Your Job Be Part Of Your Self-Care Routine?

The topic of self-care seems to be everywhere. It’s important to take some time for yourself, but it also depends on how you are currently treating yourself. I started to feel guilty after reading articles about how you “should be” getting pedicures and going to yoga on the weekends. It felt like one more thing was added to my to-do list. How am I going to sneak in some self-care?

It was then I realized the articles I was reading was missing something, the mention of work. Work at first has nothing to do with self-care. But I like to work, and I choose to work for a myriad of reasons.

I love my daughter and I love family time. I love sneaking out of work early to be home for bedtime. I love spending my days off, focused on her. I love how she has reached the age where she wants to hold my hand and sit in my lap. I constantly engage in conversations with other working moms to discuss the coveted “work-life balance”, because it’s hard. Work and family are just plain hard.

But I also look forward to Monday’s and going back to the work-week. I love sipping my coffee on my morning commute while I read over work emails. I love wearing my work clothes, treating myself to lunches and even going to the bathroom when I so please! I love feeling important and needed (in a different way than motherhood). I like having adult conversations and having purpose outside my family. It reminds me of who I was before becoming a mother, and that person hasn’t changed much.

Don’t get me wrong, if I won the mega lotto- I would quit my job on the spot! But once I started thinking that my everyday 9-5 job was contributing to my self-care, I felt better and more at ease with the mom guilt that is associated with “leaving your children with complete strangers to raise them”.

I’m adding my job to my self-care routine, and it wouldn’t kill me to add some yoga too.

It's important to take some time for yourself, but it also depends on how you are currently treating yourself. Can your job be part of your self-care routine? Click through to find out more!

Post written by Megan Senese

Megan loves helping women succeed and is passionate about spreading the word, resources and tools to ensure women have an equal chance.  With over 10 years of experience in professional marketing and business development, she launched a resume writing business after years of writing other people’s resumes and seeing them succeed with the new version. To date, all of her clients have been women and moms and we still need every advantage to not only land the job, but the right one for your family. If you are looking to make a career change, re-enter the workforce or just find a new job-  check her out at

7 Things You Can Borrow From Early Elementary Teachers To Keep Your Little Ones Organized

7 Things You Can Borrow From Early Elementary Teachers To Keep Your Little Ones Organized

Have you ever walked into a Kindergarten classroom and marveled at how, even with 25 little ones who are new to this school thing can be so focused, organized and tidy with only one teacher (maybe two) while at home your two trash the place in 30 seconds flat the minute your back is turned?

Early elementary teachers have a host of tricks up their sleeves!

Table Trash Bins 

When littles are doing crafts that require cutting out, have a container in the middle of the table for them to put their trash in. It doesn’t need to be big, a 3-4 cup ‘Tupperware” is fine.  But they likely have one in the classroom and they are used to keeping things tidy there – use this to keep them tidy at home

The Colored Clip-Person On The Board

Ever look in a kindergarten classroom and see various colors of clip-people on the board holding different things, or just hanging out waiting. They all have a purpose.  The kids all know what the purpose is.  For example, the red one may hold work that the class did yesterday so if you were out, look at the clip for what you need to do.  The white one may hold the envelopes of lunch money so if you have lunch money go clip it with everyone else’s….etc.  Get a clip-person and put it on the fridge.  Tell the kids this is where they have to clip their permission slips so that you will see them and sign them.  Remind everyone before/after dinner “slips are all on the clip yes?”

Do Now Activity 

In most classrooms, up through High School you will see these written on the board.  The kids enter the classroom and immediately look to the Do Now to see what they have to do on entering the room.  The hit their seats and immediately pull out the materials for the Do Now and get to work.  The teacher now has 5 minutes to get things together for the class!  Give them a “Do Now” fun activity while they sit at the restaurant table and wait for meals to be served. They will quickly get used to the routine. It can be as simple as a plain piece of paper and crayons and ask them to draw a specific thing (frog, chicken…).

Picture Chart

Create a picture chart for the morning routine (or any time of day routine that you need to get through). In all classrooms, you will see a chart that shows how to write a book report or how to’s for all kinds of other things.  If you have the same morning/evening routine every day have the kids help you create a poster that shows all the steps in order.  Number them too so they have another opportunity to learn their numbers.  

The Classroom Helper Board

Kids love to help out. Classrooms have the “classroom helper” board and pins, pegs, or sticks to show who is assigned each particular task that week.  Use this system to rotate chores between kids or if there are things that the kids often fight over.

Use Command Hooks

These are great to place things at kids’ height. This allows you to move things up as they grow.  If they can’t reach the hook to hang their coats then the coat is going straight on the floor.  

7 Things You Can Borrow From Early Elementary Teachers To Keep Your Little Ones Organized
7 Things You Can Borrow From Early Elementary Teachers To Keep Your Little Ones Organized

Sarah Moore is a business strategist who turns women business owners into CEOs.  She has over 20 years’ experience of slaying chaos in the corporate world as well as at home as a single mom to two, now mostly grown daughters. To learn more about Sarah you can visit her Facebook page here.

The Power In A Guest Post

The Power In A Guest Post

Whether you blog as your business or blog to drive traffic to your business or if you do not even have a blog yet, there is power in a guest post.

A guest post is simply content that you write for someone else’s blog. It will usually center around a topic that centers something you provide, either a product or service. Usually, the host of the guest post, will allow you short bio and a link back to your your site or shop. You can see how this can be valuable. There are many reasons why there is a power in a guest post, I’ll share those below.

Reach a new audience

It’s no secret that the most obvious reason to guest post for another’s blog is to reach a new audience. The value in getting your content in front of fresh eyes is more than enough reason to guest post, but actually leads into ALL of the other reasons I am going to mention below.

It’s also a huge win for the host to provide an opening to guest posts. It is less writing they need to do at the moment and they will your audience as well.

Show up as an expert and gain new subscribers

Show off your brilliance to this new audience. Show up as an expert out of service to the readers. Whether you are teaching something, offering inspiration, or a story, provide value and gain new fans for your established blog or brand. This is a great way to get more subscribers on your email list and new fans for whatever sell. Offer a content upgrade along with your guest post, if allowed by the host.

Promote your business or services to a new audience

Choose topics to submit as guest posts that can easily lead into something you offer whether a product or service. When you write for a cold (I dislike that term) new audience, select topics that are directly related to what you do or sell. If you are a shop owner and sell coffee mugs, then you may want to write about morning routines. If you are a blogger that also provides VA services, then write about one aspect of blogging. This way you can draw in the people who need what you write about. Warm up those leads to become your newest fans.

Share on social media which helps your host get more traffic to their site

When you guest post for someone, chances are that you will be asked to share to your social media platforms as well as the host sharing it to theirs. This is only common courtesy. If you think about it, this helps both people reach new audience, because it will draw upon your audience to subscribe or follow the host in addition to you. It’s a win-win!

Make new friends, meet new people, stay in touch for future collaborations

Guest posting is a great way to meet new people online and make connections for future collaborations. You never know when you may do a joint venture promotion with someone you guest posted for. Often times, you end becoming blogging besties and share each others content and collaborate in other ways as well.

Some tips for writing a top notch guest post:

  • Provide valuable content that is more than helpful to the reader
  • Ask the host for guidelines (also ask if you may include a link to a content upgrade landing page)
  • Ask the host for a media kit (you have to know if it is worth your time to write a banging post)
  • Break up your content into subsections for easy reading
  • Do the keyword research ahead of time to make sure the content and title are spot on

Where to find a host for a guest post:

  • Ask in Facebook groups
  • Search the collaboration threads in Facebook groups
  • Stalk other blogs you love that align with your own content and reach out to them
  • Ask your audience via email or social media if they are blog authors and would like a guest post

Are you interested in contributing to the Mom Life Collective? We would love to have you write for us! Visit here for more information and topics of interest. SaveSave



Know When To Outsource In Your Biz

Know When To Outsource In Your Biz

Know when to outsource in your business

You are rocking in your biz and that’s great! But do you ever feel like you are stuck working in your business all too often? Do you spend hours at the computer instead of spending time with your family?  You may have reached a point in your business that you could benefit from outsourcing certain tasks so you can focus on the things you love to do and focus on the people you serve. Get out form behind that laptop and spend time with your kids by outsourcing some of your business tasks.

How do you decide where to begin with delegation?


The first step is to look at your budget. Find space in your finances to allow for you to hire someone. Make sure that your time investment will present a return. How does hiring someone offer a return on investment? Make sure your are financially ready.

Just remember that hiring someone is a tax write off and will save you time. It is an investment and you should think of it as so.


The next step is to decide which tasks to outsource. When you love to do something, the work is easy. It gets done with finesses and ease. It lights you up and you are energized and ready to work on it. But on the flip side, there are things in your biz that you just don’t love to do. You may not like to do it but it is necessary to build your brand and move forward in business. Those tasks, are the ones you need to outsource!

Make a list of all the things that you regularly do, how often you do it, and rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 how much you enjoy doing it.

Things like emails, blog posts, worksheets or cheat sheets for content upgrades, blog images and graphics, social media posts and interactions, weekly or monthly tasks that you have scheduled for your audience like podcasts, Twitter chats or webinars. #allthethings that you do for your business, write them all down to get an overview of your work flow.

Which tasks do you love the most? The ones that are the reason you do what you do. The ones that light you up.

Which takes do you forever dread? Maybe it’s writing those emails or creating those content upgrades. This will help you define which tasks will be easy for you to outsource. Determine which things you must do and which things you could hand over.

Do you need to outsource on an ongoing basis or do you just need to hire somebody for a one time project? These are factors that will help you find the right person to hire. Are you just swamped right now and need to get caught up? Sometimes this is a great place to start, so you can test the waters with having a team member.


Next you want to write out your process and action steps. This will make it a breeze when you are ready to outsource these tasks. The hiree will be able to easily identify what you need done and in what order. Decide ahead of time a platform that is easy for project management with team members. Trello is a terrific option for this.


I find word of mouth to be the best way to begin your search. Ask your peers and business buds, ask in Facebook groups and other places where people may have outsourced already. Be careful in your selection and make sure they are professional and have a good rep. I recommend a coffee chat with them first before hiring to make sure you connect and are a good fit. Talk with several people before deciding.

Look for someone who can do all the things you need. Almost like an all inclusive package for your specific needs. Sometimes you may save a few dollars by purchasing a bundled package.

Here’s my tip of the day… look into tools and apps you could invest in that may save you time and money later. If you could hire someone to schedule your social media for you but you can save money by using an app instead. Automation vs. Delegation… that is whole other post.

Do your research and make sure you have a clear contract with the person you hire. Communication is the key element to successfully working with someone, anyone.

And make sure the tasks that you want to hand over are within their abilities and that a tool or app is not available for those tasks.

To conclude… know when to outsource, know how, and know who. Take your time in hiring and think of the specific things you want them to do for you. Make sure they are a good fit for your brand and make sure you’re saving money and not spending more than you have to.

By doing a little research and interviewing ahead of time, you’ll be ready when the time comes to hire out some your to-do’s. Enjoy being the #boss. You have earned it.

Tell me, leave a comment below, what have you outsourced in your biz? What tools or apps have you found useful to save time and money?

If you are ready to hop onboard the hiring train, I do in fact offer VA services for bloggers and course creators and would love the opportunity to chat with you if you need someone to assist you with design, content mapping, graphics, and other blogging tasks. Just click the button below to schedule a free coffee chat.



How To Do Blog Audit

How To Do Blog Audit

Have you ever gone back to an older post only to share and just cringe at it? As you read through it, you realize that you can totally edit this to make it sound better. You see where you can break up the text to make it easier for your readers to read. You can update the images to make it look better.

We all had to start somewhere and with that comes some posts that are not as professional or well written or even planned out like you do now.

This is where a blog audit comes in handy. If you just devote some time to go back through your posts to audit them, you can revamp your blog and ultimately drive more traffic to it. With these simple tasks, you can have your old posts look as polished and new as your newest posts. (more…)