Almondina Brand Toastees Review & Giveaway

Almondina Brand Toastees Review & Giveaway

I have recently been blessed to be approached by the Almondina® team as they are promoting their latest product the Toastees™. They sent me a package of six full size packs of these tasty little snacks.

Me and the kids went ahead and tried them and they are crunchy, tasty, and satisfying. I know I sound like Simba in the Lion King when he first tried to eat grub with Pumba and Timon, but seriously, they were delicious!

The Toastees™ are shaped like bread slices, but what makes them so uniquely delicious is the full sized almond slices that are so flavorful. It really makes the toasted snack a win for me!

The Toastees™ flavors include cranberry almond, sesame almond, and coconut orange almond. Need I say more? (more…)

7 Reasons Meal Planning Is Essential

7 Reasons Meal Planning Is Essential

Do you find yourself completely caught off guard some nights?

The five o’clock hour rolls around and you think to yourself, “oh my, what are we having for dinner?” Then you scramble through the kitchen in search of something quick to prepare. Believe me, I have done this more than I want to admit is true.

Whether you are work at home mom, work full time outside of the house, or have little ones to care for all day, you are busy. As busy moms, meal planning can be a daunting task, you’re right! It is!

It’s one of those things that no one wants to do. It is not fun. But it’s ok with a little practice and good habit forming, you’ll be a meal planning champ in no time. If you want to continue scrambling at dinnertime, then click away now.

You’re still reading… Great! There are many reasons why meal planning is essential to successfully running your household. You are the CEO of your home and you need systems in place to help you manage it. Meal planning is one of those systems. Here are my top 7 reasons meal planning is essential to any mom.


3 Reasons You Need A Routine

3 Reasons You Need A Routine

Hey there lovely!

I made a You Tube video, well it was a FB live, then a You Tube Video, then it’s here for easy sharing! I hope you enjoy!

In this video I talk about the three areas of life where you need a routine. I hope this is helpful to you and your family.

Home: cleaning and meal planning (put your home a schedule)

Life: relationships (schedule time with loved ones)

Biz: office hours + automate where you can + document processes to free up brain space

Please let me know in the comments what you may need help with when it comes to being consistent in your routine and which area of life you need help with. This will help let me know what to create more of for you!