Moms and Entrepreneurs: Not so different after all!

Moms and Entrepreneurs: Not so different after all!

When you become an entrepreneur, there are ultimately two roles you take on in the beginning: the leader and the manager. It can be a lonely experience, and you can feel like you do a lot of work without it being noticed. Sound familiar? As moms, we tend to feel the same, don’t we? Not only do we share similar feelings but we can look at our job taking care of our family and home the same ways as an entrepreneur does a business. Let’s be real…it is a business. I like to say that we are moms by identity and Chief Household Officers by job. So, let’s dive in and explore these roles we take on as entrepreneurs of our homes.

The Leader: “I have a dream…”

As moms, we are a leader in our home. We purposefully plan our days, weeks, and months, make decisions about what is best for our family, decide how we will spend our time, and create a schedule for how things will run in our home. Problems occur in this role when we don’t stop to think about what is important to us. What are our values? What is our family’s mission statement? Once we have answers to these questions, we can truly plan with purpose. We can create schedules and routines that make sense to our family. We can plan activities with those who matter to us and do things that help us grow. Without recognizing our role as leaders in the home and taking time out weekly to focus on this role we limit ourselves to only putting out fires on a regular basis. I don’t know about you, but I would like to do more than be a firefighter all day!

The Manager: “Whistle while you work…”

This is the part of being a CHO I find that either moms love or hate. Very few are in the middle. The manager gets the housework done, deals with crises that come, and ultimately puts into action the plans that were made. Just like in the workplace when we have a full inbox that we must attend to or meetings with co-workers that we can’t stand, the tasks of taking care of a home and family can be frustrating. Procrastination creeps up and we feel overwhelmed when we look at all the items we need to do. The couch becomes our friend. This is where the leader’s plan and vision for the family come in to play. If what is important to me is that anyone who comes into my home feels comfortable and welcome, and this includes my partner, my kids, and me, then I want to take care of my home to achieve this goal. I will declutter, clean, and create a space that matches my vision. If my vision for myself is that I am calm and able to handle stress with a clear mind, then as a manager I want to get things done immediately rather than put them off. The manager part of the job is the backbone. Without it, we just have a bunch of ideas and no one getting them done.

What can I do?

You may say, “This sounds good, Katie, but I don’t have a clue where to start.” I understand and you are not alone. I talk to moms on a regular basis who want things to change but don’t know how to find the time or energy to do so. I always say that change happens when you are at your wits end with how things are currently going. With this in mind, I created a 45 day program for full and part-time stay at home moms to learn about their job as a Chief Household Officer and make it work for them. The From Stay at Home Mom to Chief Household Officer program is designed to motivate and support you in being a happier mom and stronger CHO. We also explore issues like feeling unappreciated and taking care of you. Instead of having a pity party about it together, I give you tools to improve how you feel about yourself and what you do. I am watching this program change the way moms think, take action, and on top of that improve relationships in their homes in the process.

Not sure you are ready for a program?  I understand. It can be overwhelming to put one more thing on your plate so let me give you some tips to improve your situation now.

  1. Pick one night this coming week and put it on your calendar as a planning night.
  2. When the kids are finally in bed, DO NOT sit on your couch. Go straight to a desk or your dining room table with paper and pen.
  3. Write down what matters to you, what is important to your family, and what you want to change about your current situation.
  4. Then,  start to plan the week in a way that changes what you are unhappy with and focuses on what matters most. Once the week starts, keep this mindset that you want to improve how things are and not stay at status quo.

If you get to the end of that night and have questions, don’t worry! You can write me and ask any question you may have. I encourage you to check out the program at and sign up to receive emails with tips and updates. I have free webinars from time to time that support moms in growing as Chief Household Officers. You are doing a great job as a mom! Let me help you rock being a CHO as well!

Katie Rössler is a licensed professional counselor from the United States living in Germany. She has over 10 years experience working with individuals, couples and families on improving their lives and relationships. She also is the creator of the From Stay at Home Mom to Chief Household Officer program ( which teaches and empowers mothers who stay at home full or part-time to run their households like entrepreneurs do a business.



7 Mom Life Summer Hacks

7 Mom Life Summer Hacks

Oh, moms! Summer is HERE. Whether your kids are going to mommy camp or day camp, you’ll likely find yourself with plenty of hours to fill. Let’s be real– the “summer reading challenge” at the library is only going to take you so far. Letting them watch endless TV is extremely tempting but you know, in your heart of hearts, you need to get them off the couch, especially if you want them to go to bed before the sun goes down! (Summer survival tip numero uno: wear ’em out!)

Here’s Mom Life Collective’s round-up of summer activities to fill your kid’s cup and have fun with your kids this summer.

3 Exciting Ice Cube Activities

Who doesn’t have ice cubes handy? This activity from Red Crayon Imagination requires minimal effort and incorporates early childhood concepts as they play. As the weather warms up, moms everywhere are looking for fun activities to keep their kids cool. This minimally messy activity is perfect for indoor or outdoor play for children ages 12 months through 5th grade. It requires almost no prep work making it easy and fun for the whole family!

9 of the Best Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Some of you have been a verrrrry rainy spring, which may not bode well for the summer days ahead.  Be prepared for those rainy days with 9 of the Best Rainy Day Activities for Kids, from The Professional Mom Project.

Free Summer Activities for Kids

Keeping the kids entertained during summer vacation can easily add up (daily ice cream cones, I’m looking at you) but there’s plenty to do that is free. Hodgepodge Moments’  list of free summer activities to do with your kids will help you hit your summer bucket list without busting your budget.

The Advantage of Adventures Outdoors with your Children

You might be outside a lot during the summer but how much are you actually exploring the great outdoors? Enjoy summer at its’ finest by escaping to the woods. A hike is so much more than a hike, as Adventures of Abby Girl demonstrates in this post.

Homemade Bouncing Bubbles

Personally, I think the best way to avoid the summer slide is to have fun with science. Bonus points if it includes items that you probably already have in your house! This bubble recipe from A Little Pinch of Perfect uses only three ingredients, and no glycerin or corn syrup.

DIY Solar Oven

You don’t have to go camping to get your fill of s’mores. Kick up the fun a notch with a STEM twist on the gooey treat by cooking the s’mores in a solar oven. Kiwi Co. Corner tells you how to do it.

Encourage Independent Play

In my research for this post, I legit googled “How to Get Kids To Leave You Alone During Summer Vacation.” In all seriousness, though, we need some downtime and we can’t always resort to plopping kids in front of the TV or you know…just ignoring them!  If you’ve got a toddler, check out these ideas from Lazy Mom’s Blog.  If your kiddos are a bit older, these Quiet Time boxes from Teaching Mama are genius.

Simple Tips to Eliminate Toxic Skin Care Products

Simple Tips to Eliminate Toxic Skin Care Products

Women come into contact with hundreds of chemicals each and every day due to the multiple products we use.

These toxic chemicals can lead to skin irritation, infertility, cancer, injure our unborn children when we become pregnant, contribute to weight gain and much more!


While over 1300 substances are banned from personal care products in Europe, only 11 are banned from skin care products here in US! In fact, in the US there’s no regulation on labeling. Which means that a manufacturer can call their product natural when it isn’t, leave ingredients off the label, or develop alternate names for ingredients.

While it is never my goal to scare or overwhelm you, talk of toxins that harm our health in items we’ve been using for years can stir up some icky feelings. I will ALWAYS give you non-toxic options that will help to alleviate that fear and overwhelm. I’ve been there. I’ve used toxic chemical filled products for most of my life. I’ve definitely been overwhelmed! Take baby steps in your healthy lifestyle journey and know that each step is HUGE in decreasing you and your family’s toxic load.


That being said, we’re going to jump in and talk about the most common toxins found in cosmetics:

Phthalates. Phthalates can lead to birth defects, damage liver, kidney, lungs and reproductive system. They can also be found in at least 70% of our personal care products. Phthalates are substances added to plastics to increase their flexibility, transparency, durability, and longevity. We are exposed to phthalates in skin care products, food, and many more household items. Personal-care items containing phthalates include perfume, eye shadow, moisturizer, nail polish, liquid soap, and hair spray. The Baby Care Products study found that “infants receive widespread exposure to a variety of phthalates found in lotions and shampoos. These exposures are especially concerning for young infants who are most vulnerable to harm”. (source)

Parabens. Parabens are a preservative. Neither parabens or phthalates are regulated in the US.  Both parabens and phthalates disrupt our hormones, contribute to infertility and are possible carcinogens…among other negative health risks. This study done from Environmental Health Perspectives that shares that parabens were detected in urine of 99% of women who were tested.

Fragrance. Fragrance is made from chemicals. I feel like that’s ’nuff said because our body is not meant to come into contact with chemicals. But understanding is important so I’ll elaborate. In the US, there’s no regulation on labeling of food or personal care products. Manufacturers that use ‘fragrance’ on their label can be hiding hundreds of chemicals behind that one word. I’d like to add that some companies are try make fragrance seem natural by saying that it was derived from essential oils or flowers. Don’t fall for it! If the word fragrance is on the ingredient list, you now know without a doubt that there are several chemicals. Per a report by the Committee on Science and Technology 95% of chemicals used in fragrances are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum. They include benzene derivatives, aldehydes and many other known toxics and sensitizers—capable of causing cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders and allergic reactions.


Back to my mention of taking baby steps in your healthy lifestyle transformation. Fragrance is the #1 word I teach my clients to look for on the ingredients label. It saves you from having to search for dozens of other possible chemicals listed. Know that if you see “fragrance” on the list, it’s toxic.


What can you do?

Head to They also have the free ‘Healthy Living’ app. Enter (or scan using the app) some of your current skin care products. If it rates 1 its awesome (non-toxic) and 10 is horrible!

The most important thing to do to live a healthy lifestyle is to read the ingredients; whether it’s on skin care products or food. You have to know what’s in it! If you see phthalates, parabens or fragrance on the ingredients – don’t use that product.

Also, don’t be embarrassed to ask professionals what is in the products they’re about to use on you (ie massage therapists, aestheticians, health care providers). For example, a while back I went to have my womanly checkup with my doctor. I asked to see the lubricant they use which had only two ingredients listed on it and they were both in the parabens family! I politely declined that exam, then booked again when I could bring my own non-toxic lubricant (aka lubricant).


I want to make transformations as easy for you as possible so here are some brands that I KNOW are non-toxic:


  • Makeup: Be Pure Beauty, Alima Pure and Beauty Counter. Alima Pure is the brand I’ve been using for a couple years.
  • Sunscreen: I use and recommend Babyganics and Goddess Garden. (I love ALL of Babyganics products, by the way. They have cleaning products, laundry soap, diapers, wipes).
  • Shampoo & conditioner: Desert Essence Fragrance Free and then I like to add my own essential oils.
  • For more of my fave non-toxic products, head here to my ‘Fave Stuff’ page!
  • My short e-course, Beautifully Safe Skin, goes into more detail about how to have the best skin you can have using food, clean skin care products, essential oils and stress reduction. I share more of my favorite products and some DIY recipes.


Health & Wellness For The Whole Family

Bri is a mom, wife, RN, and Certified Health Coach. She started doing research to find the possible causes behind her brain fog, fatigue, depression, anxiety, migraines and infertility and what she found surprised her! She found that she was overloaded with toxins from products and food she was using everyday. She has transformed her lifestyle to be as toxin free as possible and is happier and healthier than ever! Her passion is guiding you through your own healthy lifestyle transformation so that you can experience true wellness.

Family Travel Tips For The Holiday Season

Family Travel Tips For The Holiday Season

Travel Tips For The Holiday Season

The holiday season has arrived, which means many families will soon be traveling. For some, travel brings new adventures and happy memories. For others, travel can mean headaches, meltdowns, and frustration.

Our two girls have always been happy travelers, even when we lived 15 hours away from their grandparents. Here are 13 of our favorite family travel tips that make the journey easier for parents and kids. (more…)

Health & Wellness For The Whole Family

Health & Wellness For The Whole Family

There are over 1 billion overweight people in the world, and the number continues to grow. In 1992, American’s spent an estimated $30 billion on weight loss programs and products. We have since doubled that number! Yup over $60 billion a year is spent on programs, foods, drinks, and supplements that are destroying our health and sending the wrong message to our kids.

So many people still think skinny = healthy. Yes, when people are overweight that is a outward sign that they’re not healthy on the inside. BUT skinny people can be unhealthy also! I know skinny people that have high cholesterol, migraines, fatigue and even cancer.

Let’s set our sights higher! Make your goal to be healthy….to feel the best you’ve ever felt, to have a normal blood pressure, to never have a headache again (my personal health goal), to run around with your kids without getting out of breath….for the rest of your life!


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