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We aim to provide our readers solutions, tips, and resources that will make their life better and easier as a work at home mom. Please keep in mind that when you write for, not just our blog, but yours as well, that you want to solve problems. First talk about the problem, struggle, challenge, then provide the solutions. We love list posts!

If you can break out the different elements of your post into a list with bullet points and one to two paragraphs under each bullet point, that is the ideal post we are looking for. The intro should be a good two three paragraphs to really pin point what the struggle is.

If you prefer a paragraph type post, this is great for story telling. But please keep in mind that your post is not about you… its about what the reader is going to gain by reading it. So when telling your story, make sure you are talking about solutions. We all can learn from each others stories.

There is no specific word count that we are looking for, rather we would like to see posts that have as many words as needed to provide solutions, tips, and resources. Quality over quantity!


Themed content for the upcoming months:

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Back to school


Schedules/ Productivity

September/ October:

Fall Fun/ Activities

Home Office Organization


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