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I work with mamas and hear this all too much. They are overloaded with #allthethings they need to do. It is so easy to pile it on ourselves because we are mom. We do it all and sometimes we forget that it’s ok to ask for help and expect others to do it.

In this day and age, it is so important to maintain balance in your home, life, and business. You need to be whole so you can focus on taking care of everyone who depends on you.

Self Care
incorporate self care into your daily! Work it in in small increments throughout your day and schedule a block of time where you give yourself space and time to focus a little more in depth self care weekly.

Family Time
Spend 15 minutes each day with each person in your family. Get on their level. If you have a toddler who wants to pretend to feed you, do it. If you have teen who wants to chat your ear off, listen. If your husband wants to vent about his day, be there. Allow yourself to be present with family each and every day.

Once a week, plan a larger block of time where you do something as a family – whether it is the park, pool, or you find a groupon to an event.

Maintain boundaries in your business and life. Give yourself office hours to your work day, give yourself an end to the day. Maintain boundaries with family members when you are working, try not to multi tasks.

Solid Routines
No matter what, you should have solid routines in place. Cleaning routines, business task routines, meal prep routine, kid routine. Put systems in place to help you be more efficient.

Say no to things that bog you down and take time away from what is important. Declutter and get rid of stuff that you clean up over and over again. Simplify systems in your business. Create shouts and outsource where you can.

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Keep doing your best every day and spread the love💞 You are doing a terrific job at this Mom Entrepreneur stuff… You got this! 


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