I am sure that you have bought a planner or two. I wonder just how satisfied with those planners you were.

You work hard and deserve the best, especially for planning in your business. This is why you need a planner that fits all of your specific needs. In this post, I will go over how to find the perfect planner for your biz. Please enjoy the video and let me know in the comments how you picked your perfect planner or what your planner is missing!

How to select the prefect planner for your business

Why do you need a paper planner?

Some people prefer to use an app, notes on their phone, or their online calendar, while others prefer to actually write things down. It helps with the planning process and commit it to memory. It is to refer back to or flip the page to see what is next.

Find a planner that meets all of your needs

Think about the functionality and your specific needs for your business planner. Think about all of the things you need to write in your planner. Don’t settle.

Let’s talk about size

Think about just how much space you need for writing out all of your to-do’s and planning. Some small planners pack a punch, but it all comes down to personal preference.

Choose a planner that lights you up

You want to find a planner that inspires you and ,makes you think positivity while you plan out your business.

I hope this helps you on your business journey. If you are looking for your next planner, I have several different ones available in my shop. Visit here to shop!

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So tell me, my dear, which planner do you love? Leave a comment below!