How To Add Opt In Image To Your MailerLite Webform

In this video, I am going to show you how to add an opt-in image to your MailerLite Webform. (<~~ affiliate link, because I love them!)

By now, you probably know just how useful opt-in freebies can be to grow your email list and that they provide value to your reader. Content upgrades give your reader something in exchange for their email address as a way to give them something and collect their email.

We know just how important growing an email list is, but where on earth do you start? Well there are webforms, opt-in boxes, pop ups, the list goes on. But if you use MailerLite, they are called webforms. You can create webforms to place at the end of blog posts, sidebar of your blog, a header across the top of your site, among other places.

Have you tried to place an image into your webform in your MalierLite account and just could not figure out how. Well, I have a treat of ryou today! I recorded this quick video to show how to use html code to grab from WordPress and place into your webform text editor in MailerLite.

Don’t worry, it’s not too technical, I promise. Just watch below??

So, tell me, was this easy peasy for you? Share your website below, I’d love to see your opt-in image on your sidebar! Thanks for stopping by!

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