Have you ever gone back to an older post only to share and just cringe at it? As you read through it, you realize that you can totally edit this to make it sound better. You see where you can break up the text to make it easier for your readers to read. You can update the images to make it look better.

We all had to start somewhere and with that comes some posts that are not as professional or well written or even planned out like you do now.

This is where a blog audit comes in handy. If you just devote some time to go back through your posts to audit them, you can revamp your blog and ultimately drive more traffic to it. With these simple tasks, you can have your old posts look as polished and new as your newest posts.

Edit and update the text

Where can you update the text to sound more professional? Where can you break up the text and add subheadings? Where can you add keywords? Read through he post and find these weak points and update it. Easier said than done, sure, but well worth it in the long run when you are actually attracting more traffic.

Update current images

Do your images look dated? Add in some updated images to breath new life into your post. This is also great so you can share to social media again as if it were a new post. People will be attracted to the new images. Also, make sure to add meta descriptions to all the images. This will help them show up in search engines.

Add affiliate links where possible

As you read through he text, find a way to make it connect to one of your affiliates. Where can you place an affiliate link? If you are writing about planning for a family vacation, then you can probably mention having quality luggage and place an affiliate link to Amazon where they can go buy that luggage you mentioned.

Add hidden images with meta descriptions

Did you know you can add hidden images to your posts so that when someone clicks to pin it, your tall images will show up with the meta description below it? This makes it especially easy for people who love your content to share it. Plus, it makes sure that the right images are shared with the meta description you want that has those specific keywords included.

Pin to Pinterest

Pin your updated post, with all of your new Pinterest worthy images, to Pinterest. Set up a schedule to pin them regularly. If you need help in this arena, there are many great tools out there that can help you do this without having to be on Pinterest all day. Tailwind is my favorite though. {<~~ affiliate link… when you click on this link, you can earn a free $15 when you sign up! I also will earn a free month Tailwind.} With Tailwind Tribes and it works great with Instagram too, why not try it!?!

Time Suck… Yes

Is this method a time suck? YES! But you can do it! If you set aside an hour each week to do this to one or two of your old posts, you’ll get it done. It may take a month or two, sure, but it is totally worth it. And through this process you can really analyze your content. Take stock in what posts you’d like to redo and which ones are just not relevant anymore. There may some posts that you have no interest in updating, which is fine too.

The whole point is to keep your blog up to date, new and old posts alike. You could schedule this in you planner to do a few posts per week or every quarter to thumb through the entire blog.

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