Meal Planning Guide


There are many reasons why meal planning is essential to successfully running your household. You are the CEO of your home and you need systems in place to help you manage it. Meal planning is one of those systems.

Find out how you can easily incorporate meal planning into your daily and weekly schedule to make sure your family is

  • eating healthy
  • saving money
  • trying new foods

Plus you will feel better each when you

  • know what’s for dinner
  • avoid hangry children
  • avoid the 5 o’clock scramble
  • stop ordering take out
  • save money on your grocery budget



Let’s get real!

Do you do the 5 o’clock scramble?

You know when you realize that you need to feed the little people in your house.

You run into the kitchen to figure out what dinner is going to be.

Then you realize you don’t have anything to cook, so you order take out.

You spend more money than you should, feel stressed, and overwhelmed.

One very simple system you can put in place and practice is meal planning.

And when I say meal planning I am not talking about cooking a month’s worth of meals at one time, oh no.

Meal planning can be simple and a good habit. 

In the Meal Planning Guide, you’ll

  • Get great ideas for how to keep track of your meal planning
  • Determine family favorites for quick go to meals
  • Determine and track new meals you want to try with your family
  • Set a weekly habit of meal planning
  • A meal planning printable template to hang in your kitchen
  • A printable weekly grocery shopping list

The reasons to make sure you plan your family’s meal each week:

  • Avoid the 5 o’clock scramble
  • Save money on your grocery bill
  • Eat healthier meals
  • Track which ones your family loves and which ones they could leave at the table
  • Save time at the grocery store when you know exactly what you need
  • Avoid stress and hangry children
  • Feel more confident in your kitchen
  • Have an ease of mind because you know exactly what is for dinner each night

Please note: this guide is not an all inclusive meal plan. It is a guide to help you determine and implement a meal plan strategy that works for you and our family.



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